Friday, 18 October 2013

National Stockings Day, Spanish Exchange Students, A Bit More Kontan.

As the title of this little post suggests, today is NATIONAL STOCKINGS DAY.
This is fab because I love stockings. It's also fab because it's a day designed to raise awareness of and help raise money for charities dealing with breast cancer. It's a day created by Charnos Hosiery who encourage ladies to 'ditch' the tights and slip into a pair of stockings or hold ups for the day.

Today my lessons were infiltrated by Ganzalos.
Oooh muchacho. These Gonzalos were very nice chaps. It would be fair to say my weakness lies within an accent, and today I was pretty much  melted into a puddle on the floor of the language block.  Speaking of muchacho-worthy men, the French language assistant this year (you remember "Kontan") mustn't be forgotton. I took my friend down to the language block and just so happened to run in to him (cunning, I know). Oh Lord. His eyes would break you too. Anyway, later on I was on the bus with some others to go to this translation workshop in Sherbourne, when it went all quiet. Unfortunately I had chosen that moment to say to another friend of mine (I know, they're both real aswell) "Oohh, I bumped into Kontan earlier! Oh God, I LOVE that man."
Got some funny looks from the Year 13s infront of me. I think the head of languages may have heard too. Oops.
I'm not sorry.

Daphne x

Friday, 11 October 2013

Earth Months, Kontan, Pinupzania.

Hasn't it been a while? Three whole Earth months. Since prom and the jumble sale. I have mostly been working and spending my wages too quickly and easily on vintage treasure. However, this happy, guilt free spending really needs to stop for the following reasons:
a) I still need to pay for a little 'gals on tour' style German exchange
b) I can't bloody close my wardrobe as it is
c) Where as the work to school work ratio was about 3:1 over the summer, it's swapped around to about 1:3 and the incoming packets of gold are somewhat less frequent these days.

It's a little problem, because I have a slight shopping problem. It's something I need to come off of slowly... along with Nutella, apple juice, and banana milkshake... which pretty much means all of the joys of life. Fab.

Anyway, this week was pretty groovy. I had been fairly nervous all week about having to do this bloody French conversation lesson twice a fortnight with the French language assistant. The reason for this was mostly the manly European chain around his neck, but it was also his slightly vacant stare. As it turns out, Quentin ("Kontan" apparently...) is really a very gentle, quiet soul. He was nice. Very patient with my ridiculous attempts to string French words into sentences. But he did spell squirrel wrong. We're working on it.

Oooh, I did some pin-up with Pinupzania over the summer! That was fun. I love pin-up, at the moment I'm working on getting a portfolio together, so maybe I'll post some of it here for you to cast your eyes over. Tomorrow in particular, I'm starting with Christmas pin up (for a sort of vintage style lads' mag- about vintage cars, and cocktails...not a nipple tassel or tramp stamp in sight), but I'll leave you with an Elvgren beauty.

Daphne x

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Prom, and Jumble Sales.

Evening, chaps.
Sore feet today. Lots of work this week, but I have tomorrow off and Saturday off! I was working last Friday right up until about an hour and a half before my prom, so I did a bit of a Speedy Gonzales getting ready. It was crazy. I had them to the left and right of me fixing my hair and makeup and nails. I had the most gorgeous 1940s evening dress in a dusty pink sort of colour, with lace right up to my neck, and over my shoulders, and lace sleeves. I love this dress a lot. I will probably never wear it again. I can't get rid of it. It's too precious.
I went to a jumble sale yesterday! Yeah! The vicar, bless her heart, found a vintage dress and put it aside for me. What a love. I don't even go to church. And I bought this dress for only twenty pence.  And a few skirts and blouses, and a jacket (all 40s and 50s style) for about a pound in all. And a couple of vintage books for fifty pence each. I love jumble sales. I LOVE JUMBLE SALES AND I DON'T CARE IF YOU JUDGE ME FOR IT.
Daphne x

Thursday, 20 June 2013

PVB, and Schwimmers.

Afternoon, chaps. Shame about the weather, but as Vera Lynn says 'tomorrow is a lovely day'. I think she tactfully misses out the suffix '-aslongasitdoesn'tpissitdownagain'.
Anyway, I just wrote myself a CV! I need YOUR summer jobs!
Now for something a bit dandy. There's a loverly magazine compiled by a fabulous vintage lovely called PVB magazine. I'll link you at the bottom in a mo, so promise me you'll go check it out. Stop reading Oscar Wilde, put down your Keats, Madam! And get a look at this magazine. I think it's exactly what all vintage lovelies need. Full of promoted small businesses. It's fab because it gives press to small businesses that might otherwise miss out. It's fab because it's full of little bits that will help you look even more glam, kittens. It's fab because it somehow pulls things from the mysterious and sometimes muddled up world of vintage together to make it do-able by a modern woman on a budget! (Let's be honest, we'd like to spend two hundred quid on a 1940s swing dress, but unless there's a wedding or some veeeery nice looking re-enactors, it's not bloody likely... and as far as re-enactors go, the young ones are few and far between. I'm sorry. You were all thinking it.) But it's also fab because it's not just for an experienced vintage lovely, it's for newly found vintage lovelies, alternative vintage lovelies, retro lovelies, AND experienced vintage lovelies. All the lovelies united under the wisdom of each other's submissions to the mag. If you have a small business then you're doing yourself a disservice by not reading this. PVB Magazine is the way forward.
Here is the latest issue!

In other news, my exams are over. Made friends with a sour-faced invigilator that I told you about last year. Her grandchildren go to a school in Truro with my cousin- small world, eh? Speaking of Cornwall, I'm going down to stay with my cousins there next month with a friend of mine. I need some cheap-ish swimmers, everyone. 1940s or 1950s, I'm thinking... tweet me @LieutntGeorge with any suggestions, because I had a quick look through Etsy and eBay but I can't really find anything particularly heart-breakingly gorgeous (this is a requirement since the photos will undoubtedly end up on Facebook for my ex-boyfriend to stumble upon, mahah).
TTFN, darlings.

Daphne x

Friday, 31 May 2013

Ducks, Derek Acorah, Intense Research.

Afternoon, chaps. Mother has ducks. They live in the shower. I wish this was a joke, but no... we have three ducklings living the shower and they have a paddling pool in the garden. Their names are Jemima, Daphne(!), and Delilah. They're bloody noisy, but I suppose their heart melting fluff makes up for it. I'm so weak. I find myself singing them little German nursery rhymes about ducks...alle meine Entchen...
Yesterday I spent three hours in the hot tub and got out like a pale raisin. Then I watched Most Haunted (because Derek Acorah is the funniest living being I have ever encountered) and tweeted about vintage things... And then I used the internet to track down somebody I met a year ago. Now, I think we need to stop and admire this for a ticket. I didn't know their name, number, address, I didn't know shit, gurl. I know it's wrong, but I'm quite proud that I stalked them down on the internet just from their re-enacting group. And I watched from afar for a few minutes, before I realised that I had in every sense reached an all time low. From this I can conclude that my revision is going well.

But in all seriousness, if I can find somebody with just '29th infantry' to go on, who knows how other people might be finding me, or you, or anybody at all with the same ease.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Burlesque Moose Interpretation, GCHQ, and Secret Liquid Happiness.

Just a few words from me:
1. Sweet mother Mary, Eurovision was weird tonight in Sweden. Burlesque moose dancers? I don't even think I want to understand.
2. Visited Cheltenham for the first time today and saw GCHQ. It was fab. But I also saw my sister's uni halls....they're... She has empty wine bottles in her window like medals. That's my girl.
3. Finished school on Friday. Will be back in on Monday. Bazaar feeling. I didn't cry, so I feel like my experience is incomplete...Just my exams to go, and then it's prom! Might have to put a hip flask in my handbag. Secret liquid happiness, you see. More on my last day soon. Fingers crossed.


Thursday, 9 May 2013

Passport Pirates, Cleaners, The Loft.

Evening, you beautiful, beautiful people.
SO. Who wants to hear about something stupid I did? Gather round children, and sit tight.
I wanted to get myself a passport; I got to the website that looked fine, just like the gov. one. It wasn't the government one,  I know I should have checked properly, but looking over the top half of the page it all looked fine. Lord, I'm such a twat. So anyway, the passport pirates took a considerable amount from my bank account to send me the forms I could have gotten free from the previously blogged about bitter post office women. Now I'm very poor, with the cost of my passport and other things to pay. Ah well...I've learnt my lesson. But if I come across the passport pirates I shall jolly well have some quite unladylike things to say to them. Sodding passport pirates.
In other news, tripped down the stairs somewhat. Cleaners at the bottom giving me judgemental looks.
AND, I need to write a speech this weekend. A speech to make to my teachers and other students finishing school this year. Because of the whole 'Daphne is Head Girl' sitchyation. By which I mean, I'm Head Girl, I have to make a speech. Why do I have to say it the hard way? But anyway, I want to make them all cry and laugh and love me. Maybe I'll blog it to you just as I'm about to make it. Wish me luck. My year is too tongue in cheek ( like me) to take anything too heavy.
Etsy shop is now open for business! Still working on getting stock in, so be patient with me. But check it aaaaat, dolls, favourite it, share it! I need to sell these beautiful vintage bits, they need more care and love and attention from retroheads like you lot. Vintage makes me happy, so that's why I'm sharing it with you. Because I love you.
SEARCH DaphnesLoft on Etsy to find my shop!
Daphne x